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The Advanced Mission Extender Device (AMXDmax®) is a non-invasive, fully automatic, in-flight bladder relief device designed by Omni Defense Technologies for the US Military specifically as a force multiplier to enhance and sustain the performance of aircrew of military aircraft.

  • The AMXDmax® is an effective, fully automatic, hands-free solution to the problem of in-flight bladder relief allowing aircrew to focus on mission objectives for the entire mission without distraction or discomfort.

  • The AMXDmax® is Certified Safe To Fly on all US Military Aircraft.

  • Over 2200 have been deployed in theater to Europe, Iraq and Afghanistan by the US Air Force, US Navy, Air National Guard and NATO counties.


What our users are saying about Omni Products

"It is perfectly safe and effective and certainly gives aviators another option for in-flight relief."

- Major M.V. Female A-10 Pilot

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