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About Omni

For more than a quarter of a century Omni Defense Technologies has been designing, developing, and manufacturing best-in-class products that support our military, Chem-Bio personnel, search and rescue, medical professionals, and more. 

Our work for NASA led to the development a compact, automatic, hands-free bladder relief system that is the only system of its kind designated “Safe-to-Fly.” It is used by male and female pilots in the world’s most elite air forces; and is being introduced as a safe and practical bladder release system for those in a variety of fields who wear protective gear for extended periods. Ground troops in convoys, medical professionals in marathon surgery sessions, and people who are restrained or immobile in any situation will also benefit from this innovative system.

In addition to the AMXDmax bladder relief system, Omni Defense has products in use around the globe, and has been awarded 11 US patents with additional patents pending. We continue to support cutting edge technologies for NASA, and these developments inform our life support products in other divisions.

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