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About Omni Defense Tech:

Celebrating over 25 years of innovation since our founding on November 20, 1998, Omni Defense Tech emerged from humble beginnings as a small engineering firm in Vermont, founded by Mark Harvie, an Electromechanical Engineer driven by his love for aviation and technology. Today, we stand as leaders in revolutionizing in-flight bladder relief systems.

Introducing SKYDRATE:

Meet SKYDRATE, the next-generation system from Omni Defense Tech, redefining comfort and convenience in bladder relief. SKYDRATE is safe, non-invasive, hands-off, automatic, and leak-proof, tailored to accommodate the unique physiques of both males and females, setting a new standard in innovation.

Collaborating with NASA:

Our partnership with NASA has propelled us into the realm of outer space exploration, where we're developing similar systems to address the waste management needs of astronauts during their voyages beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Supporting Our Military and Beyond:

For more than a quarter-century, Omni Defense Technologies has been designing, developing, and manufacturing best-in-class products supporting various sectors, including the military, Chem-Bio personnel, search and rescue teams, and medical professionals.

Continuous Innovation:

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to elevate human performance. From Tactical Flotation Devices enhancing the safety and performance of parachutists to our flagship SKYDRATE in-flight bladder relief system, our commitment to cutting-edge solutions remains unwavering.

Global Impact:

With products deployed worldwide and eleven US patents under our belt, Omni Defense Tech continues to support cutting-edge technologies for NASA, ensuring that our advancements in one division inform and inspire innovations across all facets of life support products.

Elevating Human Performance:

At Omni Defense Tech, innovation isn't just a goal; it's our mission. We're dedicated to improving technology and enhancing human performance in every endeavor we undertake. Join us as we continue to pioneer the future of aerospace and beyond.

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