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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many times can the pad be cleaned and reused?

A. Based on the date from the website/training manuals— "The Female Pad can be reused in up to 5 flights or 15 days with proper cleaning."

Q. How many times can the male cup be used?

A. Per the manual— "The Male Cup can used for 5 flights depending upon use." Many people can use the cups much longer if proper cleaning is performed.

Q. How Long do the Batteries last?

A. Per the manual— "Fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 12 uses within a 12-hour period". If using an extended life battery, the battery will last 16 hours.

Q. How do Collection Bags Air Vents work? The air vents seem to work intermittently. Half of the time, the air vent lets the excess air out while using the AXMDmax. 

A. On multiple occasions, the air vent hasn't worked properly, and the bag inflates to capacity with air, appearing like it may burst.  Sometimes it works to squeeze the bag, to force the air out. Other times, we've had to invert the bag & use the drainage valve to let out air. The bag will not burst. This is a typical training issue. The air filters are designed to let out excess air during bladder relief as the urine stream is not continuous, so air gets pumped in as well. Depending on Pad position and urination rate, and how many times the user stops and starts to urinate during each bladder relief, the Control Unit may be pumping more air than normally experienced. Each time the sensor in the pad stops detecting urine it runs on for 3 seconds to clear out and residual urine in the Pad and hose. If the user stops 5 times during one bladder relief the Control Unit will be pumping and an extra 15 seconds or 1500 ml/4 = 375 ml of air into the Bag.

Manuals and Size Charts

AMXDmax® Quickstart Training Guide

AMXDmax® User Manual

AMXDmax® Presentation Comprehensive Summary of the AMXDmax® Features & History

AMXDmax® Female Pad Sizing


AMXDmax® Female Undergarment Size Chart

AMXDmax® Female Training & Evaluation Procedure

Female Pad With Removable Hose Introductory Manual

Male Cup With Removable Hose Introductory Manual

Male Garment Data Sheet

Hydrogen Peroxide SDS

Simple Green Disinfectant SDS


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