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Meet The Team

Mark Harvie
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Mark Harvie is the President and Founder of Omni Defense Tech. Drawn to technology and engineering from a very young age, Mark began building radios at only 8 years old and built his first hang glider at the age of 12. He acquired his hang-gliding license at 16, and his private pilot's license just two years later. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Electromechanical Engineering in 1983 and began his postgrad career as an engineer at IBM. In 1998, he founded Omni, excited that his career path would once again intersect with his passion for aviation. His innovative Ideas have brought Omni to where it is today, with the only certified safe-to-fly in-flight bladder relief system, and he is constantly researching and developing new ideas to Elevate Human Performance.

Rick Arnold

Ricky Lee Arnold Sr. is Omni Defense Tech’s Business Development Representative and Male Training Specialist who commits himself to ensuring our Nation’s Aviators, Parachutists, and Veterans are outfitted with the latest technology to enhance their human performance and safety. He works with the US and Foreign Allies’ Aviation and Parachuting Departments to deliver best in class products and training across the globe. He is a 25-year US Air Force Veteran who served as a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) Specialist and wrapped up his military career at the USAF Pentagon, Special Operations Division. Rick has been working in the Aerospace Community for over 15 years since retiring from the Air Force and has worked as a Business Development and Training Specialist for Omni Defense Tech since 2017.

Sandra Santana

Sandra Santana is a dedicated Business Development Representative and Female Training Specialist for Omni-Defense Technologies who brings a unique and dynamic perspective to her role. With a remarkable 21-year career in the United States Air Force, Sandra had the opportunity to serve in prestigious organizations where she was on the front lines of both diplomacy and Air Power. Her leadership and managerial experience in fast-paced organizations helped her bring innovation and customization to the ever-changing future of the military. Today, she is grateful for her role in optimizing aircrew performance through education and awareness, ultimately resulting in safe and successful mission execution.

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