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Asked Questions

Q. Can the Female Pad be reused?

A. Omni and USAF recommends single use for the female pads, however, in a pinch, the pad can be cleaned and sanitized using hydrogen peroxide or warm soapy(non-detergent) water at the pilot's discretion.

Q. How many times can the male cup be used?

A. The Male Cup can be easily cleaned by washing with warm soapy (non-detergent) water and reused up to 10 times or at the pilot's discretion dependent upon wear and tear. 

Q. How Long do the Batteries last?

A. A single AMXDmax battery will power the unit for 16 hours or 12 full 60 second bladder relief cycles. The Batteries are shipped in Sleep mode with a minimum Shelf life of 5 years.  They are rated for 400 recharge Cycles as long as they are recharged once every 6 months once taken out of sleep mode.

Q. How do Collection Bags Air Vents work? 

A. The air vents allow air to escape while keeping liquid retained in the collection bag. This unique feature allows the SKYDRATE pump to extract both air and liquid simultaneously, increasing effectiveness and flow rate. The SKYDRATE 2.25 lpm pump rate is supported by the SKYDRATE collection bags, which feature 12 vents for quick air release in any bag orientation.

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