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Our goal is enabling your mission.

Our goal is to enable mission readiness by offering safe and reliable in-flight relief options for aviators. Omni Defense Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures best-in-class products that support not only our military, but also Chem-Bio personnel, search and rescue, medical professionals, and more. Our innovative solutions bring safety, comfort, and endurance. 

Safe for Flight

The AMXDmax has undergone extensive flight safety testing, passing the most rigorous standards from the U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Navy as well as many partner nations. Unlike most cockpit relief methods, our product does not require unstrapping from safety restraint systems for use. 

It’s Dangerous To Fly Dehydrated.

Tactical dehydration is unhealthy and dangerous. Like being intoxicated or sleep-deprived, dehydration affects concentration,  vision, spatial cognition and even lowers G-force tolerance. Being dehydrated can reduce a pilot’s flight performance by 57%!


Staying hydrated and maintaining bladder relief capability in flight allows aviators to stay focused, to stay alert, and to remain in the fight.

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