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Omni Defense Trains F-35B & AV-8B Harrier Pilots on the AMXDmax

Team Omni visited Marine Corps Aviation Station (MCAS) Yuma AZ to train VMFA-122, F-35 B Model Pilots, 15-18 Jul 2020.  Team Omni met with USAF Capt Newman, F-35 Exchange Pilot/Flight E OIC,  LT Moore (AMSO), LT McIver (Flight Surgeon), LCDR Jacque Miller (Night Vision AMSO) and Maj Kelsey Casey (Harrier Pilot and Flight Safety Officer).  Additionally, we met with SSgt Gilberto Silos and his Flight Equipment/Flight-E Technicians. 

The purpose of the trip was to train the F-35 Pilots on the in-flight use of the AMXDmax “MAX” as Team Omni now calls it.  The F-35 Pilots were given academics, hands on or “Wet Training” and in aircraft use training on the “MAX.” 

Additionally, each of the Aviators were trained on and measured in their aircraft for the proper use and placement of Omni’s Through Suit Connector or TSC.  This device will allow the F-35 Pilots to relieve their bladder in flight through their Dry Suit without unzipping and unbuckling from their ejection system while flying over water for prolonged periods of time.

 Lastly, Team Omni trained VMA-311 Flight E technicians on the proper marking and installation of the TSC in preparation of them acquiring the systems for their AV-8B’s Harrier Pilots. 

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