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Omni Defense Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures best-in-class products that support our military, Chem-Bio personnel, search and rescue, medical professionals, and more. Our innovative solutions bring safety, comfort and endurance and our AMXDmax® product is the only product designated Safe-to-Fly.  

It’s Tough To Pee When You’re Strapped In.

It's almost impossible. Current methods require you to unzip or even unstrap … all while trying to focus on your mission. Some pilots just try to hold it in. Many have stopped drinking before their mission, so they can go for extended periods. But that’s unhealthy and dangerous.

It’s Dangerous To Get Dehydrated.

Like being intoxicated or seriously sleep-deprived, dehydration affects your concentration, your vision, your spatial cognition and even lowers your G-force tolerance. Being dehydrated and/or holding it in can reduce a pilot’s flight performance by 57%!


You must stay hydrated and relieve your bladder to stay focused, sharp, and alert.


What our users are saying about Omni Products

"It is perfectly safe and effective and certainly gives aviators another option for in-flight relief."

- Major M.V. Female A-10 Pilot

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